Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

Every year (mostly) we have a Super Bowl party, and every year we try to come up with a fun and delicious dessert that even the most rabid football fans would love.  This year we made these Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels.  They are so beautiful (and they taste great too – sweet, salty and crunchy!)  We know you are going to love them … Go Steelers!

How to Make Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

You will need:

Pretzels for the Atlanta Falcons Pretzels

We used both regular sized and mini sized pretzels for our Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels to shake things up a bit but you can you just one size.

Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

The Pittsburgh Steelers team colors jerseys are Gold and Black so those are the colors we used.  We made 18 pretzels of each color, using 1/3 regular sized pretzels and 2/3 mini pretzels.

How to Make Gold Pretzels

We used 50 Yellow Candy Melts to cover 18 pretzels.  We placed them on a piece of parchment paper and melted them in the microwave.  We started at 40 seconds, stirred them and then microwaved them again in 10 second increments until the candy melts were fully melted.  Then we placed a pretzel in the melted candy mixture and used a fork to cover the top area of the pretzel.  When the pretzel was completely covered, we placed the candy covered pretzel on a piece of wax or parchment paper to dry.  

Finally, we drizzled yellow candy melts on the Yellow Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels for decoration. To do this, we melted 15 Wilton Yellow Candy Melts in a Ziploc bag.  Once melted, we cut the tip off the bag and drizzled the candy over the pretzels. Make sure you only cut the very very tip of the bag. You only want a small hole to give yourself more control over the drizzle.  Once the drizzle has hardened you can up the drizzle on the outside and inside of the pretzels with your fingers.

How to make Black Pretzels

Repeat the process with Wilton Black Candy Melts.  We used 50 candy melts for covering the pretzels and 15 candy melts in a plastic bag for the candy melt drizzle.


Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

The kids will love helping making these Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels and what a fun Game Day dessert!

Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

Our Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels are a fun and delicious Football Party treat.  And they could not be easier to make. It is a perfect dessert for a game day football party, a Super Bowl party or an anytime special snack for a Steeler’s fan.



Pittsburgh Steelers Pretzels

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