Easter Candy Jars

Easter Candy Jars

Here are my DIY Candy Jars, filled with candy and ready for Easter 2014. I made these candy jars myself using generic jars and candlesticks and they are one of my favorite DIY craft projects.   I have them filled with holiday themed candy all year long.  My three year old niece is captivated by them (or could it be the candy inside them?) and she notices when the candy changes IMMEDIATELY. This year she rushed over and said “Awww, how cute!  The bunny is wearing a bowtie!”  I have no idea how she knows what a bowtie is but I was happy that she enjoys the Easter Candy Jars as much as I do.

Easter Candy Jars

How to decorate Easter Candy Jars

Project Supplies:

  • DIY Holiday Candy Jars
  • Peep Easter Bunnies
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs
  • Easter M&M’s
  • Easter grass

Sorting Easter M&M's

My first task was sorting the Easter M&M’s by color.  I used the Green and Yellow M&M’s for my Easter Peeps Centerpiece project so I ended up needing four bags of M&M’s for both of these projects.

Sorted Easter M&M's

Flash forward 30 minutes and 1 cup of coffee later and the M&M’s were sorted. There are always less blue and green M&M’s, I don’t know why. It’s an Easter candy mystery.

Easter Bunny Jar

For my jar with the Easter Chocolate Bunny I started with a layer of Easter basket grass.  Then I carefully placed the Chocolate Easter Bunny in the jar and then surrounded him with a handful of Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs.

Peeps Jar

For the Peeps Jar, I started with a layer of Pink Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs. Then I placed 8 Peeps Easter Bunnies around the inside of the jar.  I finished with layers of lavender and blue M&M’s.

M&M's Jar

For the smaller jar, I used a layer of blue Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs, Pink M&M’s and Green Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs.

Close-up picture of Easter Candy Jar

And that’s all there is to this years Easter Candy Jar decoration.  And P.S. – it is cute that the bunny is wearing a bowtie!


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