DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments

These adorable DIY Frozen Christmas Tree Ornaments are super easy to make and that Disney Frozen fan in your family will love to see them on your Christmas Tree. We have all the directions you will need to make your own Elsa, Anna and Olaf Christmas Decorations. Follow us for more fun Frozen Party Ideas.

This is the first year that my daughter has really gotten into Christmas, so I thought it might be fun to let her have a small Christmas tree in her room.  We went shopping and I let her pick out a couple of special ornaments for her tree.  She got it stuck in her head that she wanted a Frozen ornament.  We looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything, so Laurie and I got together to make her these cute and easy Frozen Christmas Ornaments.

How to make DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Frozen Christmas Ornaments supplies

You will need:

  • Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments
  • Glitter
  • Craft Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Craft Brush
  • Clear Floor Cleaner
  • Snowflake cut-outs
  • Frozen character print-outs

How to make Olaf Christmas Ornaments

Paint inside the glass Christmas tree ornament

For the Olaf Christmas Ornament we used a “paint-inside” technique. This looks really pretty on a DIY Christmas ornament.  You can see the color of the paint on the inside of the ornament but you can still see the shimmer and shine from the glass ornament because it has not been covered by paint.  The process is easy and you get a great upper body workout!  First, add some paint into the inside of the clear ornament.  I didn’t measure, I’m guessing this is the equivalent of a couple of tablespoons.  Cover the top of the ornament and start shaking.  The paint will begin covering the inside of the ornament.  You really need to shake and shake and shake some more to get it fully covered.

Paint covering the inside of the Christmas Ornament

Once the inside of the ornament is fully covered, turn it upside down and let the extra paint drain out.  You don’t want it pooling down at the bottom of the inside of the ornament or you will eventually see a ring around the bottom.  It only takes a hour or so for the extra paint to drip out.

Embellishing the Olaf Christmas Ornament

Put the ornament hanger back on and you are ready to embellish the Olaf Christmas Ornament.  We added a picture of Olaf and some snowflake cut-outs that we made with a paper punch.  We attached them to the ornament with Mod Podge.  And after they were attached, we did a thin layer of Mod Podge over the top of the embellishments.  The Mod Podge will dry clear so you won’t see it.

Along with that warm hug, give the Frozen fans in your family something special to look at on the Christmas tree - a DIY Olaf Christmas Tree Ornament. It is so easy to make and it is a fun Frozen Christmas Decoration! Follow us for fun Frozen ideas.

That is all there is to making this adorable DIY Olaf Christmas Ornament.  Super adorable and super easy!


How to make a DIY Elsa Christmas Ornament

How to glitter the inside of a Christmas Ornament

For the DIY Elsa Christmas Ornament we used a different technique.  For Elsa, we needed something super glittery.  Since we wanted to glue a picture of Elsa on the outside of the ornament we couldn’t just glitter the outside of the glass ornament as Laurie had done on here DIY Glitter Ornaments.  We used this technique that allows you to glitter the inside of an clear Christmas ornament.  First you will need about a tablespoon of clear floor polish.  Pour that into the glass ornament.  Swirl it around the inside of the ornament so that the floor polish covers the entire inside of the ornament.  Don’t shake it, or you will get bubbles.  When you are sure that the inside is covered, pour out the excess floor polish.  Now use a funnel to pour a good amount glitter into the ornament.  Normally this technique looks best with fine glitter but we wanted a rhinestone look similar to Elsa’s dress so we used this blue course glitter.   With your finger over the top of the ornament, shake the ornament until the glitter has fully covered the inside of the ornament.  Finally, pour out the extra glitter.

Embellishing the Elsa Christmas Ornament

Now you are ready to embellish the DIY Elsa Christmas Ornament.  As we did with the Olaf Ornament, we Mod Podged on a picture of Elsa and some snowflake embellishments.


This turned out amazing!  So beautiful and glittery – the ornament looks like it was made from the same material as Elsa’s fancy Ice Queen dress. Allison loved it!

Sparkly enough for a Snow Queen, this DIY Queen Elsa Christmas Tree Ornament will be a hit with the Frozen fans in your family. We have all the directions for making this special Frozen Christmas Decoration. Follow us for more fun Frozen ideas.

How to make an Anna Christmas Ornament

Embellishing the Anna Christmas Ornament

For the DIY Anna Christmas Ornament we used the “glitter inside” technique using the same steps as outlined above in the Elsa Ornament section. The only difference is that we used microfine glitter which is almost like glitter dust.  This gave the ornament a powdery snow-like look.  Then we added  the same embellishments we had on the other DIY Frozen Christmas Ornaments.

A word about the character print-outs.  We thought about using stickers but wanted these ornaments to be truly handmade so we printed out something instead.  Laurie found images on Google Images, and printed them out at 2″ x 2″ using Photoshop and then we cut-them out with scissors.  We used regular printer paper in an Inkjet printer.  We didn’t use photo paper because we wanted the images to mold to the shape of the ornament when the Mod Podge was applied.  We Mod Podged over the top of the images to hopefully help them not  fade over time.

Do you have a Frozen fan in your family? Make them a DIY Anna Christmas Tree Ornament for this year's Christmas Tree. This is a fun and easy to make Frozen Christmas decoration that is sure to please. Follow us for fun Frozen ideas.

The DIY Anna Christmas Ornament is also very pretty and sparkly.  Allison loves her Frozen Christmas Ornaments!  If your kids are a little older, this is a project they could do themselves!


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  1. Can you use plastic ornaments instead of glass?

  2. What size ornaments did you use? Thanks!

  3. I’m making these today. Just wondering, does the smell of the floor cleaner go away? Right now it’s pretty strong.

  4. Hello. These are great! Did you have any problems getting the cut-outs to lay correctly on the curved surface? Did they pucker on the edges at all?

    • Hi Lisa, We worried about this too but it turned out not to be a problem. First, we printed the images on low-ish quality printer paper so that the paper would be more malleable when we applied the Mod Podge. That really helped. Second, we didn’t make the images very big so that they would lay flatter on the bigger, more rounded part of the ornament. Finally, we used a little extra Mod Podge and a small craft brush to work the edges and make sure they were fully attached to the ornament.

  5. Where did u get the Olaf and Elsa pics?

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